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Robin Swann MLA - North Antrim Constituency

21st January 2015
North Antrim UUP Westminster candidate, Mr Robin Swann MLA with representatives from Ballymena’s Start360 and Barnardo’s NI organisations during a tour of Stormont.

Mr Swann has challenged the Executive to guarantee funding for the organisations.

MR ROBIN SWANN MLA, Ulster Unionist Party Assemblyman and his party’s candidate for Westminster for North Antrim has challenged the Stormont Executive “to ensure funding is maintained for the terrific work being accomplished with young people from the much-needed Start360 N-GAGE service and the Barnardo’s organisation”.

Assemblyman Swann, who is UUP Chief Whip and Chairman of the Stormont Employment and Learning Committee, issued his challenge to the Executive when he took people from Start360’s N-GAGE service and Barnardo’s on a tour of Parliament Buildings.

After the tour, he held discussions with the group on how the Assembly could best help them with their work with young people.

Start360 was previously known as Opportunity Youth and operates the N-GAGE ‘One Stop Shop’ in Ballymena’s Wellington Street. Barnardos NI has always had a strong presence in the constituency, especially in Ballymena.

Mr Swann said: “It was very enjoyable to meet the folk from N-GAGE and Barnardo’s NI and give them a tour of Stormont.

“I was especially grateful to hear their personal stories and particularly how these organisations have helped them in life. I am in no doubt that Executive funding to these two groups must be maintained.

“Their sterling work cannot be ignored and cash aid must be found by the Executive to ensure their terrific roles in the community are supported. Both organisations provide a fantastic service to young people in our community,” said Assemblyman Swann.

I hope to provide representation and advice for all those living within North Antrim, from Ballymena to Ballymoney, Bushmills and the surrounding areas. As your local representative I feel it is important to provide you with access to information from your local government and provide you with updates on how I work for you and the local community.