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Swann welcomes official opening of A26 Dualling Scheme

Assemblyman Swann has campaigned over many years to get the dual scheme implemented following years of reports of death and injuries in accidents along the route when it was an ordinary road.

Mr Swann added: “I am really pleased the A26 dualling scheme has officially opened. This much-needed project was first announced by my party colleague, Danny Kennedy, when he was UUP Roads Minister in the Stormont Executive.

“I also warmly welcome the boost this new scheme will have on the constituency’s economy and equally importantly, it will lead to improved road safety.

“Given the notoriety of the region as an accident blackspot in the past before the scheme was implemented, I also hope that when people travel along this new-look dualling scheme, they will remember the families of those who lost loved ones or had loved ones injured in the litany of accidents which have occurred on the old road over the generations,” said Assemblyman Swann.


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