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Brexit negotiations should not be used as a Trojan Horse – Robin Swann

Ulster Unionist Party Leader Robin Swann MLA said:

“If he has any respect for the people of Northern Ireland, Leo Varadkar must come out and dismiss the idea of a post-Brexit border in the Irish Sea once and for all. The Ulster Unionist Party has been clear from the outset that we will not accept such an arrangement, which would tear the Belfast Agreement asunder.

“Brexit negotiations should not be used as a Trojan Horse by those who seek to exploit the situation to further their United Ireland agenda. Those who have shouted loudest about protecting the Belfast Agreement have seemingly been quick to forget the principle of consent when they think they are close to getting their way.

“Northern Ireland’s right to self-determination must be respected throughout these negotiations and beyond. The futile pursuit of a border in the Irish Sea must be abandoned and minds must be focussed on finding solutions that work for everyone – a commitment that seems to have been forgotten in recent weeks.”

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