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Adams’ border poll call smacks of attention seeking - Swann

The Ulster Unionist Party Leader Robin Swann has described Gerry Adams’ latest call for a border poll as an act of attention seeking from someone who knows that his time is running out.

Robin Swann MLA said:

“Time is running out for Gerry Adams. Just as the IRA`s terrorist campaign ended in failure, so his party`s campaign for a United Ireland is also doomed to failure and he is desperately searching for a fig leaf in the shape of a border poll.

“I`ll repeat what the Ulster Unionist Party has consistently stated about a border poll. There is no need for one, there is no evidence of support for one, and if we did go down that route, it would mean a never ending cycle of border polls which would serve to increase divisions in our society. But then again that is exactly what the IRA and Gerry Adams thrived on down through the years.

“A border poll call is a distraction from the other issues. And that is exactly what Adams wants. He wants people to ignore the thousands suffering on waiting lists, ignore the cuts to school budgets and ignore the need for more jobs and investment.

“Adams and Sinn Fein have made similar comments before. In the 1970s there was to be no return to Stormont. The mantra was Brits out. In the run up to the 2003 Assembly Election, Sinn Fein said there would be a United Ireland by 2016 for the centenary of the Easter Rising. Now the best they can offer is a border poll which they know they would lose.

“Gerry Adams is incredibly vain and this teaser that he has thrown out today about possibly standing down at some unspecified time in the future is further massaging his ego. When he does stand down it will be welcomed by many people across these islands. Most people will probably wish that they had never heard of him given the untold suffering inflicted by the IRA as it pursued its failed but brutal sectarian campaign.

“Gerry Adams is an arch hypocrite. He was an apologist for IRA terror in his early career and now he is an apologist for the fact that thousands of men, women and children are on hospital waiting lists.”

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