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Swann urges churches to apply for repair grants

Mr Robin Swann, the North Antrim Ulster Unionist Party Assemblyman and UUP Leader, has called on the church community in the constituency “to double-check if they can apply to the National Churches Trust’s Partnership which is offering grants of up to £10,000 towards the repair bills for work on Christian Churches”.

Assemblyman Swann added: “Our churches play a valuable role in our community, especially here in North Antrim, and like any premises, it requires a considerable amount of money to maintain the upkeep of the buildings.

“Thanks to the National Churches Trust’s Partnership, our churches have the chance to apply for grants of up to £10,000 towards the repair bill.

“In many communities, both rural and urban, across the constituency, the church building is a central place in that community. Indeed, many of our churches have been in existence since Victorian times and could benefit from much-needed repairs. Here is the opportunity to make those repairs.

“I would encourage our churches to check thoroughly if they are eligible for such grants so that they can continue the excellent community provision throughout North Antrim and if assistance is required please do not hesitate to contact my office.” said Assemblyman Swann.

To be eligible for the money the church must already have the works in the planning stages and have raised half of what’s needed.Christian churches appear to be the only eligible for the scheme - which can also cover the installation of toilets and kitchens.

*Are you eligible?

Is your’s a Christian place of worship in Northern Ireland, and open for regular public worship?

Was your place of worship built as a place of worship originally?

Are the works proposed due to take place within or attached to the place of worship?

Is the project in the planning stage, ie not yet started, but deliverable within two years?

Have you already raised 50% of the total project cost?

Is the project being led by a qualified professional, with conservation accreditation if it is a listed building?

Is the church open for at least 40 days a year beyond worship use, or will it be on completion?

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