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Ulster Unionists call on the Prime Minister to take control of the situation in Northern Ireland

An Ulster Unionist delegation, led by Party Leader Robin Swann MLA, has met with the Prime Minister this morning. The delegation called on the Prime Minister to take control of the situation in Northern Ireland to bring an end to the political drift. Ulster Unionist Party Leader Robin Swann MLA said: “Northern Ireland is being offered no certainty on Brexit. This is both due to not having an Assembly and Executive in place, but it is also a result of some of the shenanigans going on in Westminster where party political manoeuvres and future career prospects seem to be taking precedence over the national interest. “As Unionists we are seriously concerned with the uncertainty in the direction of travel of negotiations. The Prime Minister is keen to underline that her party is the Conservative and Unionist Party, meanwhile there are members in Westminster who are pursuing an agenda that I believe threatens our Union. “It is time for MPs to stop negotiating amongst themselves on Brexit and concentrate on direct negotiations with the EU. We need a deal, we need a sensible deal and we need a deal which benefits all our people and protects the integrity of the United Kingdom against those who seek to use Brexit as a proxy to attempt to break up our nation. It’s time to put the focus on the EU negotiators who have been conspicuously silent. “At a time when our health service is in crisis and there has been serious public disorder on the streets of Northern Ireland, unfortunately the UK Government has made no moves to see devolution restored. That must change. “Our message to the Prime Minister was that this part of the United Kingdom is as deserving of good governance as England, Scotland or Wales. We asked her to take control of the situation. If her Government cannot put in place an initiative that will see devolution restored, then she must move to appoint Ministers who can bring some stability back to Northern Ireland; the never-ending drift and uncertainty must end."

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