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Swann welcomes major new milk trade deal with China

Ulster Unionist Agriculture Spokesperson Robin Swann MLA has welcomed a trade deal breakthrough with China which will shortly see the country allow the import of UK dairy products, such as cheese and yogurts, made with milk from third countries. As Northern Ireland is a major importer of milk from the Republic of Ireland we are set to be one of the main beneficiaries from the deal. Robin Swann said: “China, with its population of 1.4bn people, is currently experiencing a surge in demand and consumption of dairy products. Yet fortunately for the global dairy market, it simply has not got the capacity to meet that demand itself. “Whilst China already is a major importer of British dairy products, the news that the UK will now also be able to export products containing third party milk is a major step forward and a sign of confidence for the local dairy market. The agreement is estimated to be worth £240 million over five years to the UK, and Northern Ireland will likely receive a good proportion of that. “As we are little more than 6 months away from Brexit these major trade deals are worth their weight in gold. “Dairy farmers and processors, especially those with a lot of movement back and forth across the Irish border, understandably are nervous about what the future may hold for them post Brexit. Deals therefore such as this Chinese agreement will come as a major relief to them.”

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