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The Secretary of State must act decisively and break the almost perpetual cycle of it being a politi

Unionist Leader Robin Swann MLA has stated that the Secretary of State should act decisively to end the almost perpetual cycle of it being a political groundhog day in Northern Ireland. Mr Swann said: “Last week’s banner protest by the DUP has shown that they have now reverted from being a party of power to a party of protest and are now the match of their last Executive partner Sinn Fein, where both fed off the other in their negativity. “In the last short-lived Executive, headed up equally by Sinn Fein and the DUP, the lack of delivery is now playing out in our health service, in our education service, in investment and strategic delivery for the people of Northern Ireland. “The mutual public positioning and rhetoric from both has meant that Northern Ireland Ministers are missing while their Scottish and Welsh counterparts are at the table for Brexit discussions which may suit them as they can avoid any responsibility. But maybe it suits the Government as well - they have less hassle as they don't have a troublesome Northern Ireland voice at those tables and that is the real reason we see so little action from the Secretary of State. She needs to dispense with hesitancy and lay out plans for all-party talks regardless of the Brexit timetable or the RHI Inquiry. “Indeed you do deserve better, but now that the politics of protest has returned to the DUP and Sinn Fein, those of us who still believe in the power of politics to deliver for the people of Northern Ireland are as equally frustrated and angry about the current situation. The almost perpetual cycle of it being a political groundhog day in Northern Ireland must be broken and the Secretary of State has the power to do that if she acts decisively.”

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