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Swann condemns personal attack on Newsletter Political Editor by Ian Paisley MP

Ulster Unionist leader, Robin Swann MLA, has condemned the personal attack by Ian Paisley MP on the Newsletter`s Political Editor, Sam McBride. He also re-iterated the importance of a free press.

Robin Swann MLA said:

“The separation of press from state is one of the foundations of a true democracy. While many of those long held foundations are currently being challenged, I believe that is one that must not be eroded.

“Ian Paisley junior's personal attack on Sam McBride is extremely disappointing, but typical of Mr Paisley, in that it is a clear example of where he has played the man rather than the ball. For others to drag Sam’s parents into social media attacks is pathetic.

“More often than not I and my party have been on the receiving end of harsh criticism from the media but as long as it is factual and non-partisan, that is their right and their job. I may not like it or agree with it, but that is the cost of a free press, which we all should value.”

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